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September 25th, 2014

Peach Berserk
Peach BerserkMay 22nd, 2015 at 10:15pm
#Ottawa People!
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Peach Berserk
Peach BerserkMay 21st, 2015 at 2:53pm
We are doing a funky Peach Berserk photo shoot tomorrow (9 am to 1 pm) morning with great NEW clothes..... AND we need a make-up artist that could do a great job on our models wearing all our kooky colours on our Crazy-Print Couture.... if this is YOU (or you know someone up for the job), message me asap with your pix and what you charge !! xo Kingi
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Peach Berserk
Peach BerserkMay 14th, 2015 at 6:50pm
Check out this amazing silkscreened art by Jessica Gorlicky... and her fabulous sale to Nordstrom....!!! Yay Jessica!!
Silkscreening (I know I have said before, ROCKS!)-- come in and try it yourself-- you will never look back, I promise you <3 !!

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Peach Berserk
Peach BerserkMay 13th, 2015 at 7:00pm
#OTTAWA! Peach Berserk is coming to ottawa straight from Toronto to host one of her famous Silkscreen Workshops at the our local art cafe, The Daily Grind.

Happening, Sunday May 31st from 4 to 8pm.
Lucky for us this falls on The Daily Grind Jazz Night... so join us for some Silkscreening AND Jazz !!

Heres how to get involved:
1) Register for the class, link bellow (only 20 spots available)
2) Email your art work for your screen. (kingi@peachberserk.com)
3) Kingi will photoshop (if needed) your art and shoot it on to YOUR custom screen! For your own customized clothing!

Whats included:
- A full workshop on the art of Silkscreen Printing
- A custom Peach Berserk designed Ottawa t-shit
- All supplies are going to be on location
- You will be taught about the whole photo-emulsion printing process
- You will also be taught how to set up your own inexpensive but efficient home silkscreen studio

*Bring any clothing you'd like to funk up
*Clothing and fabric will be available for purchase to print on

Any questions can be directed to: Kingi 647 740 1141

Tickets available at:
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Peach Berserk
Peach BerserkMay 13th, 2015 at 3:32pm
Here is a super Peach Berserk prom or party....or Wedding idea..... Fabulous Phoebe brought us a vintage crinoline and I upcycled it into the perfect Pop-Art skirt !! I added silkscreened images of her fave 60's and 80's heros...... and it's great worn with a vintage funked-up bustier,like here, of course !! <3 !! xoxox Kingi
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Come and visit my Peach Berserk Showroom and Check Out My Gorgeous NEW Dresses…..OR Take a Silkscreen Workshop!!

September 16th, 2014

Just call to visit — 81 Shaw St, near Queen and Ossignton in downtown Toronto….,.  LOVE to see you here !!

xoxoxo Kingidigbydavid

Groovy New Things Happening at Peach Berserk!!

March 19th, 2014

Lots going on this Spring at Peach Berserk!!

It is our 5th year doing the amazing fashion show ‘Dare to Wear Love’ that supports the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  The show is on Friday March 28th and I am going CRAZY finishing up our outfits!! Here is a pic of me printing holographic fabric with amazing faces that I photographed!!

If you are looking for a great charity to support, this one RULES– it supports grandmothers in Africa who look after AIDS orphans.    Pictures of what I am making (out of fabulous African fabric, of course) coming up soooooooooooooooon !!  http://www.daretowearlove.com/darenew1

In April I am going to Ottawa to be part of Ladies Who Lunch! It is going to be a fun afternoon with really cool female fun businesses in The Nation’s Capital, with inspiring speakers, wonderful food and FASHION, of course!!

If you live in the Ottawa area, MEET ME THERE!!  Monday, April 14th from 1pm to 3pm  deets here!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/176315345896952/?fref=ts

Also, I will be running a Famous and Fabulous Silkscreen Workshop the day before, IN OTTAWA, on Sunday April 13th, call me for info or to sign up!!  And there are Silkscreen Workshops coming up in Toronto too of course– Sunday March 23rd and Sunday April 6th.  Come on in and have FUN!!  And learn TONS!!


Gorgeous SALE dresses !! SUPER PERF for Spring!!

March 5th, 2014
newdressestoday newdressestoday2 newdressestoday3Here are some fun pix of my cute assistants trying on dresses!! Come and try some on yourself…. Spring IS coming… celebrate with a CrazyPeachyColourfulFunkySexyBerserk dress!!   You can also see some super cute SALE ones here at Shop Online– Sexy Sale Stuff !!  Call or email me for deets, and look as PEACHY as can be!! 647 740 1141 or kingi@peachberserk.com    Talk to ya sooooon!! xoxoxox kingi

Custom Creative Party….Wedding…and Prom…at Peach Berserk!!

February 7th, 2014
I am diggin’ the upcoming Spring Prom/Party/Wedding Season here at Peach Berserk!!
And what I am all about is SELF EXPRESSION……  Why not be different, and really express your self with YOUR dress??
Whether that means putting together Peach Berserk prints and colours in YOUR one-of-a-kind way…
You can have YOUR OWN PRINT for your dress…
It could be a design of …………..custom
*Pop culture— a print of your favorite bands, shows, movies, or stars!!
*Your Art— a print of your own drawings, poems, paintings or photos…….
*You and your friends— a print of pictures of you and your friends, plus everyones drawings, notes and signatures
Whatever!! I can’t think of everything!!  What would YOU like to do?!?!?!? !!!
Let’s make your dress YOUR personal MASTERPIECE !!
Call or email to make an appointment, 647 740 1141 or kingi@peachberserk.com
xoxox Kingi

Peach Berserk Sale at Rosie The Rebel TODAY!!

February 1st, 2014

kingisaleBringing funfunkygorgeouscolourfulsexy Peach Berserk clothes to our SALE at Rosie The Rebel today!! Come by and have some cheezies with me today, and see my cute stuff– including amazing new hoodies and skirts like this!!  And everything is on CRAZY pre-Spring SALE!! Taking custom orders too!!   xxoo  Kingi

New amazing sale stuff posted!

January 23rd, 2014

Check out Sexy Sale on Shop Online— and see all new gorgeous sale dresses, skirts, hoodies and more.  Hope you love…!!

And call me with any questions  647 740 1141

check out this dress in Sexy Sale Stuff!!

check out this dress in Sexy Sale Stuff!!

xoxoxo Kingi

Time to come in for a gorgeous custom prom, party or groooooovy dress for a wedding!

December 27th, 2013

My show room number is 416 840 3586 Or email me!! kingi@peachberserk.com  Hope to hear from you SOOOOOOOOON!!

xoxoox Kingi

New IMPROVED Peach Berserk Website Coming Soon!! And NEW Business number is 647 740 1141 !!

November 13th, 2013

Make sure you know my NEW phone number 647  741 1141 and New website coming sooooooooooooooon.

And sorry the workshop page isn’t  working…..just call me 647 740 1141, better to answer questions that way anyway!!

Hope to talk to you soon!!  Kingi/

Designer For A Day the Peach Berserk Way!!!

October 7th, 2013

Make your own Peach Berserk hoodie,skirt, or tote bag! You design and cut it, we sew it for you!

Great way to learn about clothing construction, be creative and get something fun/unique to wear.
Here’s what you’ll do!
- choose from a HUGE variety of hand printed stretch cotton/lycra fabric in Peach Berserk prints
- pick a pattern in your size
- cut the pieces to the pattern
- add pockets, patches, flounces…. whatever! Make your item all ONE colour and print OR a mix of colours and prints!
- bundle up your creation-in-progress and my brilliant and talented seamstress will sew it up, ready to be picked up/mailed in a few days!
We supply:
- patterns, in all sizes, for the Hoodie, Skirt, or Tote Bag
- piles of gorgeous hand printed Peach Berserk fabric, buttons, zippers, trims, paints, and other fun stuff
- instruction, and Q & A about the creative fashion biz, and any design help you need.
- and the sewing!!
- MAKE something for yourself, or gifts!!
Saturdays 12 to 4pm
Next date march 23rd
At 81 Shaw Street, Toronto.
Cost, $79 (includes one sewn item) and $49 each, if you want to design/cut/have sewn any more!!
Gift certificates available.
Call me for deets or to register !! 647-740-1141 Kingi xoxoxo
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    prom dress design

    design your own Peachy dress »

    silkscreen classes
    When you are in Toronto be sure to visit our amazing Showroom/Backyard Studio at 81 Shaw St. Just call us and we look forward to seeing you-- 416 829 8676

    prom dresses toronto
    Kingi Carpenter and Peach Berserk Cocktails have been featured in many magazines and newspapers. Read all about it!

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    And let us know if we are missing anything... and we will add it to our FAQ.....

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  • You rock my world in such a profound way. If Betsey Johnson and Vivienne  Westwood had a creative lovechild it would be Peach Berserk.
    Creative design meets eye popping delicious silkscreen prints. The store doubles as a studio, so if you don’t see what you want they will whip it up for your fabulous self. Worth a visit just for the experience. Good luck leaving empty handed!

    Christine T – Santa Cruz CA

    Wearing a garment from Peach Berserk is like wearing art!

    Christine – Kingston ON

    “Hey Kingi – My daughter Katie & I received the items we ordered from you just last week. Thank you so much for your prompt delivery & your amazing designs!! We are thrilled with our new Peach Berserk…….tomorrow we’re off to NYC and we’ll be “sporting” our amazing PB pieces while we’re there!!! : D Thanks again….and I’m sure we’ll see you again soon…..already scheming about print combos for our next Peach Berserk pieces!! : D Lisa (& Katie)”


    “Hello Kingi and other amazing people at Peach Berserk,

    I received my wedding dress today.I have to tell you that I’ve noticed a certain expression on the faces of people when I have mentioned to them that I ordered my wedding dress online solely on the basis of your website, without ever having been in the store or seen your work in person. The set of their face, the look in their eyes says “oh-dear-poor-deluded-woman.” I opened the box slowly, realized I was holding my breath. When I saw that glorious splash of painted roses, my breath burst out as astonishment and laughter. I undressed immediately, zipped up the dress and slipped it carefully over my head. I am beautiful in this dress. It is the me I feel I am inside, magically revealed on the outside. And then the jacket. Oh my, the jacket. I didn’t want to put it on at first. How could anything cover this amazing dress. But I did put it on, and turned to look in the mirror. And somehow the jacket makes the dress even more perfect and beautiful. Then I had to weep for a while. A lot of words to say just this – thank you. I feel the love in the dress.”

    Angela, British Columbia

    “Thank you so much for making the most beautiful, perfect dress I’ve ever seen in my life!!!

    You are AMAZING!!!!
    I’ll be in touch!!!

    Hillary, Ann Arbor MI

    “Hi Kingi and Allan
    thank you again for the great silkscreen class. I left Toronto with a smile and completely satisfied with all the learnings and the experiences I made these 2 days. It worth every penny of my trip! I also made a light table and I’m setting a small studio to continue printing.. thanks again for everything… You made my summer!”

    Amelie Lamarche

    “We can’t just walk by. We always seem to get sucked into the store and buy something!”

    Yvette & Leah (longtime customers) – Toronto ON

    “We should have this in Montreal!”

    Carina – Montreal QC

    “We were really inspired by the abundant creativity that exists at Peach Berserk. It was the highlight of our entire 5 day trip.”

    Micheal Boudewyns – Newark DE

    “ I got my gorgeous, crazy, amazing dress from the ladies down at Peach Berserk. I couldn’t have been happier with it! I was the only one at my prom with an original or “different” dress.”

    Magda – Aurora ON

    “The one place I have to go to when I visit Toronto is Peach Berserk!”

    Cassy Were – Dartmouth NS

    “My “Garden Party” dress arrived today.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!
    It looks fantastic and fits well.
    I’ll let you know how the party goes.
    Thanks again!!”

    Laurel – Granger IN

    “My daughter Layne purchased a dress for her Grade 8 graduation and it was a huge hit, the dress is amazing thanks Kingi for your assistance and great taste – A very pleased mother.”

    Jessica Grey – Toronto ON

    “I just wanted to let you know that I got the dress and I think its absolutely beautiful. I really loved the gold accents on the flowers. Thank you so much for making such a great and creative design!

    Aara MacAuley – Kingston ON

    “To the girls at Peach Berserk,
    I love my custom hoodie! The silhouettes & roses look great together.
    Thank you for the tank top, it was so thoughtful of you.”

    Elaine Reeves – Toronto ON

    “I just received my dress that I bought on ebay and I adore it. It is quite possibly the best thing I have ever spent money on. When I found out you did custom work I almost fell on the floor!! I would love an Edie Sedgwick hoodie. To tell you the truth, I would take item in your lovely store with Edie on it.”

    Karla Cribbs

    “I bought your fabulous punk rock print dress (with the cute pink fringe and flowers!) for prom, and felt absolutely dazzling in it. (Got a ton of compliments too!) At prom I noticed a friend of mine, Emily also had a beautiful dress from Peach Berserk! ”

    Lindsay Goeldner – Toronto ON

    “I wore my “Boardwalk Babe” dress every day on my trip to New Orleans last week- it was a record heatwave, so I only packed cute sundresses to wear. The guys at the Zydeco Dance, the waiter at Napoleon House, and the lady sitting next to me on the St. Charles streetcar all loved it, and no matter how hot it got, I always felt glam!”

    Maura Burns – West Virginia

    The most flattering dress I’ve ever had!

    Lisa Bryant – Oakville ON

    “Peach Berserk is worth coming back to Canada for!”

    Rebecka – Stockholm Sweden

    “I first came to this store as a little girl with my mother about 17 years ago. To me Peach Berserk is an institution to Toronto that has survived the rapidly occuring Queen West gentrification process. They embody the funky and original clothing design creativity that Queen West used to be.”

    Kendall Coontz – Toronto ON

    “My friend tried on a dress and I immediately wanted it. Peach Berserk brings out the jealousy in you!”

    Ali LeLere – Jersey Isle, UK